Cuphead Memes

Cuphead Memes

20 Best Mad Quotes

Getting mad and being mad are a familiar topic for funny memes: today’s collection of our 20 best mad quotes cover both types, and more. For the internationally-conscious among you (cough!), you’ll already know that the English language entertains two different commonly used meanings for the word ‘mad’ — one being north American. In the …

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Funny Coffee Memes

Coffee lovers understand there is something wonderful, and something rather silly, about their coffee-love. Which perhaps explains why funny coffee memes are so popular online. Let’s face it, even before the inter-web and it’s meme-scene, there were already funny coffee mugs and t-shirts doing the same thing. But in that case you had to actually …

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Nailed it Memes

Similar, in many ways to ‘fail’ memes, Nailed it Memes often contain a strong element of irony, sarcasm or simple mockery. ‘Nailed-it, as a phrase, was originally used to indicate success — especially when something that seems difficult is achieved with relative ease. But online, it is commonly used in a sarcastic or ironic way, …

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Cuphead Dank Memes

In true internet tradition, we’ve compiled a list of our favorite Cuphead Dank Memes — to amuse ourselves and, hopefully, some of you, our visitors: but what makes a Cuhead meme ‘dank’? I hear you ask… The word ‘dank’ used to be a simple adjective, meaning somewhere unpleasantly moist or humid; damp and, often, chilly. …

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