Cuphead plush
Cuphead plush

Cuphead Plush

Looking for Cuphead Plush. Following are top most trending Cuphead Plush also available on Amazon online store. You can conveniently order online and get them just in few days.


Funko Plush Cuphead

Stylized plush from Funko with excellent resemblance. Your kids will definitely love this.

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Cuphead plush
Cuphead plush


Cuphead-Mugman Plush

Another plush from Funko. This is also good quality Cuphead-Mugman plush along with other six collection.

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Cuphead-Mugman Plush
Cuphead-Mugman Plush


About Cuphead Game

Cuphead is undoubtedly one of the most popular games of the last time, its graphics and difficulty have made it an attractive not only for the ‘gamers’ as it is inspired in those 1930’s cartoons everyone loves.

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Cuphead is an action and platform game that tries to recover the essence of the old games, those that made us sweat blood to finish each mission. However, unlike them, Cuphead puts more emphasis on the combats with the final bosses than on the game phases; up to the point that it feels the big enemies take the role, although not absolutely.


Cuphead Game Story

The start story is simple: Cuphead and Mugman, who leave their peaceful town (in spite of the warnings) to know more of the world, go to a casino and lose their souls in a bet with the devil. To avoid giving their soul away, they become the devil’s debt collectors. A simple argument, but effective, that is told to us through a series of slides. The game simply does not need anything else in this aspect.

Without any delay, you start to go through the game world, divided into three large sections in which we find and unlock the different phases of platforms and battles with enemies. It would be something similar to what was seen with Super Mario 3D World on Wii U, for looking for a recent example. That is, we can choose between different confrontations on a map that is opening before us and in which, in addition, there are various secondary characters, some hidden secrets, and the shop with rigorous enhancers. Again, Cuphead remains simple, and is effective, as well as attractive.

When fighting with bosses, it is good to know that they are all unique and that they have different phases and attacks. We will not have more than one life, so each death implies to start the confrontation again. In this way tense duels to life or death are formed in which the usual thing is to go to the other neighborhood to, in the end, achieve victory with great satisfaction.

Taking advantage of this popularity, Funko launched a series of figures based on the popular video game: Cuphead, Mughead, the Devil and even King Dice will be available in this series of figures. It is inevitable not to want one. These collectibles are so cute.

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