cuphead #dank #memes
cuphead #dank #memes

Best Cuphead Gameplay Videos

Want to know what Cuphead Gameplay looks like before you jump in and buy it?

It’s one thing just chatting about the Cuphead game and how great it is, how difficult it is, how well it’s animated and designed, and how great it is — did I tell you how great it is? — but it’s quite another thing to actually get on and play the game and get a feel for the game world where Cuphead does his thing.

Sooo, we thought we’d troll around a bit and find some examples of Cuphead game play so you can check it out ‘for real’. And here is what we found:

Our Best Cuphead Gameplay Videos

1. Day of the Devs 2015 Showcases the Cuphead Game

In this video highlight from ‘Day of the Devs 2015’ livestream, Chris Charla of ID@Xbox joins the team to play (and die to) the gorgeous and ridiculously difficult indie platformer Cuphead.

Cuphead’s developers, Studio MDHR, were among the earliest to sign up for Microsoft’s ID@Xbox program — which is an initiative, by Microsoft, to help indie studios self-publish their games on Xbox One — But Cuphead’s slow release was criticised for appearing in ID@Xbox showcase montages, very often, but never saying when the game would be released.

This video is one of those showcases, from 2015, but it’s useful not only as an example of Cuphead gameplay, but also for the explanation about how the game was developed, the art, and gameplay, of course. As we all know by now, the game was finally released in September 2017 — and is truly awesome!…

“When a game comes out and it’s awesome, nobody cares how long it took”

2. YouTuber TheRadBrad tries Cuphead for the First Time

Described as the ‘King of the YouTube Walkthrough” by FMV Magazine, TheRadBrad created this video of his first attempt at playing Cuphead, so the video shows the game opening titles and that kind of stuff which is actually really awesome too!

Funny thing about this video is Brad says how it’s probably not going to be as popular as a lot of his other videos, and says maybe he’ll do another walkthrough of the game if his video gets, say, 20,000 views… right now, this video has 2,571,855 views and 60,000 likes! I guess the game, and his video, are more popular than anyone was expecting — which just goes to prove, again, how it’s sometimes worth taking longer when you’re creating something great!

Once upon a time, in a magical place called Inkwell Isle, there were two brothers named Cuphead and Mugman. They lived without a care under the watchful eye of the wise Elder Kettle.


3. All Cuphead Boss Battles

I had to add this one! Not only does it have just over 8 million views, but it shows ALL Cuphead Boss fights. But not only does it show ALL Cuphead boss fights, it shows all bosses being beaten — with NO damage and getting A+ grades on each boss.

This is a feat of skill beyond that of the average gamer. And beyond that of many elite gamers.


The only problem is that it makes a difficult game look much easier than it really is. And this much work will mean a LOT of broken controllers!


How the Cuphead Game was Made

Ok, so this isn’t exactly a gameplay video but the story about how Cuphead was made is really inspiring, and very interesting — and the way it was made is really a big part of the game play look and style — so I thought I’d add this video made by Gamespot, about the history of Cuphead and it’s creators. If you’re interested in this game, or just indie video games, take 20 minutes and watch this (it’s 20 minutes long).

From remortgaging their homes to selling a million copies of their game, here’s the story of how two brothers with no experience went on to make Cuphead, one of the biggest surprise hits of 2017.

Written by Croaks

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